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Benhall Care is a CQC registered company that provides both health and social care services in the North West and South West of England. Our services are person centred to the individual, maximising their independence and supporting them with day to day living skills.  We care for and support people of all ages who have health and social care needs. 


Learning Disabilities and Autism

Benhall care provides services for individuals who have learning disabilities. We provide a range of services to enable individuals to live as independent as possible in the community. We offer a range of options including supported Living and Floating Outreach support........

Live In Care Elderly Service

Benhall Care understands that when people reach an older age, retaining their independence is vital for successful aging.  Our live-in care service enables older adults to remain living independently in their own home,

Domiciliary Care

Benhall Care provides personal home care to support individuals with personal daily routines which may have become more difficult due health issues. Our personal home care services supports the elderly and frail, physically disabled, learning disabled........

Home From Hospital

Benhall Care provides specific care that is needed to enable individuals to regain their independence as much as possible following a period of time in Hospital.

Complex Care

Benhall care provides a Person-centred complex care packages. These packages are tailored for individuals whom may have Alzheimer’s and dementia care needs,  Mobility issues including hoisting, Medication prompting or administration.......

Mental Health

Benhall Care provides a service to people with enduring mental health illnesses. Our team works in collaboration with the MDT (multi-disciplinary team) and uses the Care Program Approach .........


Benhall Care provides high-quality, personalised home care, live-in care and support services to adults of all ages.  Central to our approach is the rights of the individual, to whom we are dedicated to enhancing quality of life and helping them to retain independence in their own homes for longer.


We recognise that each of our clients is an individual, someone with their own diverse needs and requirements. That is why we invest our time getting to know the individual and together creating a personalised plan to enable the individual to live a life that is as independent, active and fulfilled as possible. 


The company’s founders include former NHS nurse with over 15 years’ experience, providing physical health care for patients in hospitals and in the community. The Director, Frank is a qualified social worker with over a decade experience in health and social care. He has a vision, expertise, rigorous quality and resources of an experienced care agency ensuring the company is well led, managed and the governance of the company is regularly reviewed assuring the delivery of high-quality person-centred care.

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